Health and Safety Program

We feel very fortunate and proud that Shertine Construction Ltd. has an excellent health and safety record. Despite the inherent risks associated with construction, and especially since many of Shertine’s jobs have involved demolition we have had only two minor accidents since the company was founded in 1990. In both cases the employees returned to full duty with a minimal amount of time lost. This record is exceedingly better than industry standards. We attribute this largely to the capable conscious efforts of our employees.

Shertine realizes that a construction site can never be one hundred percent risk free, but every effort by management and staff must be made to reduce these inherent risks. To this end Shertine has retained Brad Forest, a certified independent health and safety consultant.

We have also developed and implemented a comprehensive health and safety policy. This policy meets and exceeds legal and industry standards.

We are committed to constant on-going health and safety training of management and staff.

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