Company president Les Burgess, began Shertine Construction in 1990 after a successful decade-long partnership in Al-Jen Construction. Shertine has consistently demonstrated its commitment to quality construction and personal service and prides itself on bringing a high level of professional experience to every job, from new builds to upgrades and retrofits.

Equally comfortable across the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial sectors, Shertine tackles jobs from minor upgrades to complex, multi-million dollar projects with the same, hands-on professional approach.

“We’re a company that get’s personally involved in every aspect of the project – often we will even do our own demolition. That depth and level of control has earned us a solid reputation for completing jobs on time and with minimal disruption.”

Shertine’s reputation is highly respected – particularly in the Institutional sector. The company is a prequalified contractor with Infrasturcture Ontario and several School boards in the region. The complete construction of Stayner’s Clearview Meadows elementary school was a natural culmination of the many successful school renovations that proceeded it.

Les Burgess began his career in Institutional construction. Over the years he has gained a lot of important knowledge in the sector, and Clearview Meadow’s school is a job that the company is proud to hang its hat on.

Finishing jobs on time is critical in the industrial and institution sectors, particularly with schools. Shertine works extremely hard to make sure the job is completed fully to their standards by or before the deadline. Says General Manager, Len Redmond,

“We have to be thinking of what our customers deserve, and maintaining our work schedule is really important. It’s a philosophy that’s worked well for us.”

Les Burgess attributes the success of Shertine Construction in large part to his training as a professional hockey player. The attitudes he learned there and a team approach to winning proved valuable lessons that he has imparted to all his employees.

“I was brought up with the work ethic that everyone has to pitch in. That’s the discipline you need to be a hard worker, whether it be on the ice or in the construction business.”

Each member of the Shertine contributes his or her special expertise. Shertine’s diversity within, assures the customer that their project is in competent, capable hands. From managers and supervisors to carpenters and labourers, Shertine counts on a high level of experience across the highly competitive construction industry.

“We hire people for their ability and fit, and we have great employees. You can’t replace experience.”

This diversity has landed Shertine significant contracts with Collingwood General & Marine Hospital, Hospice Georgian Triangle, as well as various school boards and municipalities. A respect for both quality work and the customers needs has helped keep Shertine stay out-front.

You have to treat people fairly...our own employees, the clients we work for as well as engineers, architects and sub-trades. Fairness and honesty to all has earned us a strong reputation throughout the construction industry.”


Shertine Staff

Les Burgess, President